$5 per target with a 50% PAYOUT!


  • There will be separate payouts for rimfire and centerfire.
  • Must shoot targets at 10 yards. Fill out time and date then hold up to camera when finished.
  • If shot hole cuts 2 cards you will get the higher valued card (Ace high).
  • No using rests, one or two-handed! (freehand)
  • 5 holes MAX in target. 6 holes (anywhere on the target) will void the card!
  • Handguns only. Optics are allowed.
  • Shooting 2 holes in one card only counts as one card towards your hand and you lose the value of the second shot.
  • NOW RUNS TWICE A MONTH 1st-15th and 16th-30th(31st)- Winners will be announced after each cycle.

Winners for Monday May 21st:

Bill C. – Rimfire $21 (3 10’s)

Ed H.. – Centerfire $21 (Pair of 5’s)

Bill C. won Progressive Pot at $93

Winners for Monday May 27th:

Colin B. – Rimfire $10.50 (3 Aces)

Erik N. – Centerfire $13.50 (Full House)

Winners for Monday June 4th:

Erik N. – Rimfire $6 (4 Ace’s)

Erik N. – Centerfire $12.50 (Pair of Ace’s)

Erik N. won Progressive Pot at $24

Winners for June:

Ben L. – Rimfire $50 (Royal Flush)

Colin B. – Centerfire $50 (Straight 7,8,9,10,J)