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Weekend Angler

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Tournament Angler

 – If you are a Bass Brawl Member, and you register for and compete in one of our Bass Brawl Tournament, you will automatically be upgraded to a 20% off discount level for any* fishing products until December 31, 2024.

 – Your upgraded discount will begin as soon as you register for a tournament date.

 – No refund will be issued if you cannot make it to the tournament date you registered for.

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Double Discount Days

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Our Next Tournament is June 25, 2024

Registration starts at 4pm. Click here to register!


Scroll to the bottom of the page for Tournament Boundaries

Tournament Director – Easthill Outdoors

All decisions of the tournament directors are final and may not be protested

Any licencing and insurance required MUST be presented to the Tournament Director for validation during check-in prior to each tournament. Failure to provide proof will result in being excluded from the tournament with no refund

At any time, the tournament director may impose a penalty without refund when he deems it appropriate for any violation of the rules, procedures or sportsmanship code

Penalties for rule violations may include, but are not limited to:

Fish weight penalty (listed under ‘Eligible Species / Limits’)

Disqualification from the tournament

Disqualification for a specific period of time, or a lifetime expulsion


Weigh-in Procedure

Weight in bags will be provided on location, and must be used by each team

Weigh-in will being after the cut-off time. Weigh-in begins at 8:30pm


Fees and Division of Prize Pots

There is a $50.00 fee per team, per date for the tournament

If you are paying the entrance fee on the date and location of the tournament day, exact change is required in cash

Teams can enter in any amount of tournaments. There is no minimum or maximum amount of dates that can be entered into per team

For tournament dates July 9, July 16, July 30 and August 20 at there is a $20 Boat Launch fee to be paid in cash on arrival

All entrance fees will be immediately put into the prize pot for each date

Prize pot amounts will vary depending on how many teams enter for that specific date

Prize pot division will be executed as follows:

1st place team – 50% of the prize pot

2nd place team – 30% of the prize pot

3rd place team – 20% of the prize pot


Angler Eligibility / Waivers

Two anglers per boat

The operator of the boat MUST have a valid boating licence card (proof will be required at check-in)

Only an angler with a valid Boating Licence may operate the boat

BOTH anglers must have a valid Ontario Fishing Licence

At least one angler per team must have a valid Ontario Sport Fishing Licence

ALL anglers must sign a waiver at check-in for each tournament date


Big Fish Contest

The team with the Biggest Fish (determined by weight) will be awarded with an X-Zone/Rod Glove prize pack valued at $100

This prize is not included in the final division of the prize pot, they are separate awards

Only 1 (one) fish will be allowed for the Big Fish Weight Contest

This fish will be weighed first, therefore a culling tag can remain on it for identification purposes

A dead fish will not qualify for the Big Fish Contest


Tournament Hours

Tournaments will be from 5pm – 8:30pm

Sign in for each tournament begins at 4pm for each listed day

Late Penalty: You will be charged a penalty of .5lbs (½ pound) per minute that you are late to return (time starts at 8:30 promptly)

Time will be based on the time of the Tournament Directors Cell Phone (Satellite Time)

Competitors MUST be completely off the water by sundown Sunday evening prior to the event. The Lake is off limits for ALL competitors the Monday before each tournament date


Boat Inspection / Insurance / Requirements

The Tournament Director may request a boat inspection at any time. Compliance is mandatory

All boats MUST carry a minimum of $2,000,000 insurance liability. Proof of insurance must be presented before fishing in the tournament

All boats MUST have a working kill switch, which must be attached to the driver when the outboard is in gear at ANY speed

All Boats MUST have an operational live well


Life Jackets

All anglers MUST wear a personal floatation device (PFD) or a well maintained Life Jacket at all times while under the power of the internal combustion engine during tournament hours

Failure to comply to this rule or failure to bring approved PFD or life jackets will result in an automatic exclusion from the tournament

Please note: A self-inflating PFD does not qualify as an approved floatation device unless it is worn. Therefore, anglers are cautioned to have at least 2 (two) conventional PFD’s or life jackets on board if they wish to remove their inflatable PFD while fishing


Eligible Species / Limits

Only large mouth bass and small mouth bass greater than 12″ in length (tip of tail to tip of nose) are eligible for scoring

A MAXIMUM of 5 (five) fish may be weighed in per team

Weighing in a bass less than 12 inches will result in a .5 lbs (½ pound) penalty. Additionally, the short fish will not count towards your final score.

No other species may be retained during tournament hours

Dead fish will count with a .5 lbs (½ pound) penalty per fish

Anglers are responsible for any dead fish


Live Well & Fish Care

All boats MUST have an operational live well

Culling tags and scales must only be a non-invasive clip type (ie: non-piercing)



Only five (5) fish of the eligible species are permitted in the live-wells while under power of the main engine. You must CULL BEFORE YOU MOVE.


Right to request a Re-Weigh

Each team is allowed one (1) re-weigh per tournament date

Teams MUST keep the 2nd recorded weight regardless of results



Fish may be transferred to another team’s boat as a result of a mechanical failure of a vessel, provided that one member of the downed vessel stays with the fish, AND the rescuing boat must have its live wells separated

Please note: in the case of a transfer causing both teams to be late for the cut-off time, BOTH teams will have late penalties applied to the final scoring for each

A call to the tournament director is mandatory in this circumstance (phone number will be provided during sign-in)


Artificial Lures / Rods Limits

No live bait allowed

Scents and pork rinds may be used

Only one rod per angler may be used at a time

Having one bait in the water close to the boat after a cast, and making a cast with another rod is a violation of this rule

ALL baits not currently in use must be on the deck of the boat at all times


Sportsmanship Code

All contestants are required to follow high standards of sportsmanship, courtesy and conversation

Any violation of the sportsmanship code during practice or during tournament hours may result in either a temporary suspension or permanent exclusion for all future events

Examples of conduct that does not comply with the sportsmanship code includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Failure to comply with any and all rules, regulations, guidelines or procedures for the event

The use and or possession of illegal drugs, or the consumption of marijuana or alcoholic beverages before or during the tournament

If one angler fails to comply to the above, BOTH anglers on the team are disqualified and prohibited from all future events

If the tournament director suspects that a member of a team is under the influence of any drugs and/or alcohol, he may disqualify the team without argument

Failure to comply with municipal, provincial, or federal laws and regulations

Following / fishing too close to another angler, or causing any interference to another anglers’ day of fishing, including pre-fishing

Abuse of tournament officials, sponsors, or volunteers

This includes posts or comments on social media or any other form of communication

No derogatory or inflammatory comments or actions will be tolerated towards any participants or organizers of the tournament, or other parties on or near the water


Boundaries for Each Event

  • June 25 – Location: Bewdley Rice Lake West
  • Boundary: West of Tracks, No river
  • July 9 – Location: Gannon’s Narrows Marina; Pigeon Lake
  • Boundary: Marina West / Pigeon Lake
  • July 16 – Location: Dell Mastro Horse Shoe Bay Marina
  • Boundary: Otonabee River ONLY
  • July 23 – Location: Pleasant Point Park
  • Boundary: Lake Scugog
  • July 30 – Location: Gannon’s Narrows Marina Upper Buckhorn Lake
  • Boundary: Upper Buckhorn Lake
  • August 13 – Birdsall Boat Launch
  • Boundary: East of Tracks, No River
  • August 20 – Dell Mastro Horse Shoe Bay Marina
  • Boundary: Otonabee River Only
  • Location and boundaries will be announced prior to this date in the event that another tournament date must be cancelled

Our Upcoming Tournament Location

The next available tournament will be held at the location below!