Course will be $100 for those who qualify.

Holster Course Pre-Requisites:

In order to become holster qualified, a member must first meet the following criteria:

  • Candidate must be at least 18 years of age and hold a valid RPAL 
  • Candidate must have successfully completed the Range Safety Orientation course at Easthill Shooting Sports.
  • Candidate must have held their Easthill Shooting Sports Membership for 6+ months.
  • The candidate must be a current full member in good standing who is an active, practiced, regular shooter.
  • To qualify for this course you must also demonstrate a basic level of Marksmanship.

To qualify the candidate will use Easthill bullseye targets. *(available in-store).

  • Candidate has 10 rounds (one mag) to land ALL 10 rounds within the outer #4 on target
  • Candidate must retrieve target, sign and date it, then hold the target up to the range camera clearly showing the target and their face for validation.
  • The candidate must then bring the target to the gun counter and pay for the course BEFORE registering for the course.

*No time limit. First you get good, then you get fast.

*Both 1 and 2 handed practice and qualification is recommended.


  • Sign, date, time-stamp your target for video review.
  • Candidates MUST record the exact time the qualifying target was shot for surveillance review by the RO’s prior to the course. Trigger discipline and muzzle control are imperative to move forward into holster practice and matches.
  • Submit proof to the gun counter following completion of the qualification.


Holster Course Summary:

This course will provide you with the knowledge and confidence necessary for safe holster use and practice at the range and in competition.
This course is not intended, nor will it certify you to shoot IPSC sanctioned matches. It will certify you to practice safely with a holster at the club level. Be advised that this is an advanced level course, in which trigger discipline, accuracy, muzzle control, and established safe-handling practices must be demonstrated and maintained consistently in order to maintain qualification. The shooter will be supervised in the and approved in the safe body mechanics of drawing and firing from a holster AND will be audited and be signed off on by no less than 2 certified instructors.

*Members will be immediately disqualified for unsafe handling or behavior.

If you are not successful at the course, you must practice more, enlist additional coaching, and attempt to qualify at the next available course.

Equipment List:

Please do not buy cheap equipment, good quality product is a necessity for safety. Candidate will bring:

  • A revolver or auto-loader of any calibre. 9mm preferred.
  • 1- Good quality OWB hip-holster, open top, which covers the trigger guard. (No leather / fabric / nylon holster). 
  • 1- Good quality holster belt, either single or double (velcro) style. (No Leather / fabric / dress belts)
    Note: If you go onto compete in matches you are best to go with the double belt system.
  • Minimum 3- magazines
  • Minimum 2- Magazine holders
  • Good comfortable sport shoes (ie. running)
  • Eyes and ears
  • Approx. 100 rounds of ammo. Factory ammo only, please NO RELOADS. NO WOLF AMMO.


If you have any questions regarding the course or how to qualify, please call the gun counter at (905) 983-5550